It all started when...

We had the original idea following Ian's daughter’s birthday when she received 3 black bags of presents following her party, and we thought "our child doesn't need this many gifts... there must be a better way?".

Cue GiftSharer, albeit in a different guise where at the time, the site collected monies, but everything was done manually. successful and receiving fantastic feedback, but not scalable and it lacked the functionality to truly make a difference.

We've now re-thought everything from the ground up, and are developing GiftSharer with passion:

"I’m passionate about making a difference and providing the tools that will allow other people to make a positive change in our society, simply and effectively. I really believe people want to help others…they just need some help from time to time and I'm convinced GiftSharer is exactly the help they need!"
Ian Kelly, Founder

Alex brings with him 16 years of digital experience and is adamant GiftSharer is not here to help people be lazy.

Ever since getting involved with this project, I've been driven to provide a service that can truly enhance a charity's ability to increase donations. My aim is simple, yet ridiculously bold: I want to help cure disease. I want to ease the suffering of those less fortunate than myself. I want to help build a better world around me and GiftSharer is my opportunity to do so much more than I have been able to already.
Alex Saxon, Co-founder